Fabulous Finds: Pomegranate Fig Laundry Soap

When I get super busy with orders, I tend to buy little things to “sooth” and “pamper” myself. I decided to try some handcrafted laundry soap from Maylee’s Garden on Etsy about a month ago and have been addicted every since! Everything she says about her soap is true.

Because of allergies, I have had to buy fragrance free soap and dryer sheets for the last couple of years. So…needless to say, buying laundry soap with fragrance was a gamble! I have no issues whatsoever with the Pomegranate Fig, Lilac, or Lavender Vanilla. All have the perfect amount of fragrance which lingers days after the linens are washed.

I highly recommend this soap….not only does it do a wonderful job of cleaning your clothes and linens but it is a wonderful little “pamper” if you need it!