My Buddy

I typically do strictly business posts on my Bliss blog but I’ve decided to “fun” it up with some personal stuff as well! To start, I must introduce you to my favorite not-so-little-dude. His name is Blu and he is quite possibly the coolest dog around 🙂

Blu has had his challenges since day one. He was purchased from a “shady” pet store where he was deemed as a Blue Tick Hound. He turned out to be a mix of Blue Tick Hound and “who knows” as well as a puppy mill dog. Right from the beginning, we noticed that Blu had a shake in his legs which resulted in consultations and specialist visits with no verdict (other that he is pigeon toed too). More than likely, I was told, he was put in a cage too small when he was a puppy at the puppy mill.

In his adult life, Blu lost his spark and started to have once black skin turn pink. Last year, I found out the little sweetie has lupus which started out requiring medicine three times a day, now two times a day. He is better but gets sluggish when it gets warmer. We tease him about his little pink lip 🙂

Now I’m told that the shake is probably spondolosis which hopefully will not shorten his life. I walk him daily to try to keep him in as tip top shape as I can. Arthritis keeps him from going too far but he doesn’t complain.

Blu is by far the sweetest “person” in my world. He is 95 pounds of pussycat! He is super smart when he wants to be. While he (a hunting dog) will run the opposite way of a rabbit to catch it, he can figure out how to open a door in no time. When I’m sick, he is right at my side. And somehow, he knows just what to do when I’m sad. One morning, I woke up after an upsetting evening to find all of his favorite toys carefully placed right next to me.

Ask anyone that knows Blu and they will tell you he is a honey. He is truly a blessing and quite the little trooper 🙂