What’s the Big Deal?

bliss soy candle grand haven michigan

I often have people ask, “What’s the big deal about Bliss Soy Candles?”

First…I only speak for my own soybean candles. I named my business, “Bliss,” for a reason. When I first started making candles, the difference between mine and others was very noticeable. They were much stronger, burned better, and the colors were beautiful (thank goodness I paid attention in that Kindergarten class on blending colors!).

If you buy a Bliss Soybean Candle, here is what you can expect:

  1. Zero to little soot. Soy wax produces little to no soot if burned AND made properly (keep out of drafts, use the appropriate amount of oil, etc). I use the no more than the maximum fragrance recommended to make sure you don’t get soot.
  2. An attractive container that you can be proud to display in your home. There is a reason why I search for cool lids and cute candle caps – I’m a very picky decorator! It would always drive me crazy when all I could find was jelly jars.
  3. A candle made with the best ingredients available. My candles are often pricier for a reason. You pay for quality. I don’t buy from people who sell “discount oils.” I buy the most awesome wax on the market. Most of my jars still say Made in the USA!
  4. Metal – free wicks. My wicks are all made with paper and cotton…period. No zinc or lead to worry about.
  5. A stronger candle. Most of my fragrances are quite strong. Cozy Home, Hot Apple Strudel, Clove, Victorian Christmas, Christmas Berry…oh I could go on! There are also several that are on the lighter side. Many of your vanilla or clean fragrances are softer. The food fragrances and fruit fragrances will knock your socks off!
  6. A better burn. If the instructions on the back of my candles are followed, they will burn across every time and straight down to the bottom of the jar using nearly all of the wax. And if you are a “liquefy” junkie like me, you’ll love the burn pool on these!
  7. Beautiful colors. I love color and I am very picky about my dyes.
  8. A candle that supports American farmers…they make the soybeans (yep..this stuff really comes from soybeans!).

I’ll admit it. I love my candles. If you look at my Etsy feedback, you’ll see I’m not alone!

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